Rosa Parks fait le mur

Production: GFR

Sponsorship: Marie de Paris

Artist: Bastardilla

Rosa Parks fait le mur is a huge participatory urban art project imagined by GFR and located in Paris’ 19th arrondissement, close to the recently built train station dedicated to Rosa Parks. Led by GFR and funded by the City Council’s participatory budgeting program, the whole project was meant to create a series of artistic interventions along the 500 meters wall that separates the 19th and the 18th arrondissements, with a particular regard to themes like the abolition of borders, coexistence and cultural integration.

I decided to invite Colombian artist Bastardilla, who painted a large, allegorical mural dedicated to the refugees crisis. A barbed wire runs through the entire scene: a flock of migratory birds – carrying the image of refugees in their abdomen – fly towards a map in the shape of two embraced lovers.

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