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No muses in the museum. Interview for Montecristo Project on Insideart #112

🇮🇹 🇬🇧 I have been interviewed by artists Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau, for their Montecristo Project. The interview, which is focused on the current role of the museum, has been published on Insideart‘s latest issue.

SBAGLIATO, Finestre Rotte

🇮🇹 A urban/photo/trompe l’Ĺ“il/graffiti project by SBAGLIATO, produced by Pigment Workroom. Does a clean wall mean a safer city? We have named our ephemeral project after the famous 1982 criminological theory by J.Q.Wilson and G.Kelling that still inspires many repressive campaigns against the homeless and…

Un’arte della classe disagiata?

🇮🇹 «Domani il numero degli aspiranti all’arte sarà prodigiosamente accresciuto perché la professione artistica sarà ancora considerata attraente, distinta e in molti casi redditizia.»

Banlieue-Banlieue, pionniers de l’art urbain

🇫🇷 One of the first urban art collectives in Europe, Banlieue-Banlieue («Suburb-Suburb») was active through the Eighties in the Parisian region and in the suburbs. The painters who formed the collective took also part in several political battles of the time – for instance against the…

Alexandre Bavard, fanzine

🇫🇷 Entretien is a fanzine realized with Alexandre Bavard, aka Mosa87: a conversation about illegal graffiti and a series of pictures taken during a cold Sunday morning in a vacant lot. You can find it here.

Graffiti et street art Ă  Pantin

🇫🇷 RĂ©diger une histoire et une thĂ©orie Ă  la fois du graffiti et du street art est devenu aujourd’hui une mission relativement risquĂ©e. Nous nous retrouvons face Ă  deux phĂ©nomènes qui – en voulant Ă  un instant donnĂ© tenir pour acquis le rapport souvent soulignĂ© entre l’un et l’autre – existent dĂ©sormais…