108 + Elzo Durt: Crossroad

Production: Doppelgaenger

Artists: 108, Elzo Durt

Crossroad #1 is a double exhibition by artists 108 (Italy, 1978) and Elzo Durt (Belgium, 1980). As the title suggests, this show means to cross two completely different artistic practices – painting vs. printing, abstraction vs. figuration, black vs. colorful,  – yet both risen from urban, underground culture.

108’s work is a unicum in the street art panorama: a survey of geometrical and informal abstraction, at first sight closer to 1900’s pictorial avant-gardes rather than the usual graffiti culture. Elzo Durt, a graphic designer and a musician, fills his collages silk with a remarkable amount of suggestions: from the psychedelic culture to Flemish art, from Arcimboldo to punk rock.


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